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Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2 (2022) 50th Anniversary Special Issue


With Liberty University celebrating its 50th Anniversary this academic year, what would be more appropriate than for Bound Away to do a “Special Edition” commemorating a half-century of teaching history from a Christian worldview perspective. For your enjoyment and edification, there are testimonies from several graduates, along with wisdom from past faculty members. With love, this edition is dedicated to Dr. Homer H. Blass, Dr. Boyd C. Rist, Dr. Cline E. Hall, Dr. William E. Matheny, and Dr. Mark W. Steinhoff, professors, scholars, colleagues, friends, and brothers in Christ who have graduated to eternal life. Finally, warmest congratulations to Professor Robert F. Ritchie IV on his retirement. Rob - you'll be missed!



My Calling
Mark Wayne Steinhoff


Recollections for Bound Away
Michael Jack Megelsh


My Time at LU
Jennifer D. Bolan