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Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Christopher Smith, Ph.D., Liberty University
Editors: Dr. Michael Davis, Ph.D., Liberty University
  Dr. Benjamin Esswein, Ph.D., Liberty University
  Dr. Carey Roberts, Ph.D., Liberty University
  Dr. Samuel C. Smith, PhD., Liberty University
  Dr. David L. Snead, Ph.D., Liberty University

Introductory text for Bound Away: The Liberty Journal of History.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1 (2018)


Welcome to Volume 2, Issue 1 of the LU History Department's graduate student journal, Bound Away. I regret that there has been such a long lapse between editions - as everyone in the department can attest to, 2017-2018 was one of our busiest years! Your friendly editor taught no less than three new classes (written from scratch!) and overhauled two online classes as part of LUO's Inclusive Access initiative. Regrettably, these priorities put Bound Away on hold. Thankfully, we're in a position to get the journal back on track as a regular publication! This issue's four selections by Kevan Keane, Adam Novey, Kandy A. Crosby-Hastings, and Sophie Farthing are exemplars of one of the department's great strengths: diversity of research interests. World War II, the American Revolution, the Reformation - our pursuit of knowledge ranges far and wide as we seek to glorify God in all that we do. I hope you find these articles enriching!