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Bound Away: The Liberty Journal of History

Bound Away is the journal of the Liberty University Department of History. As part of a Christian academic community, Bound Away editors are especially interested in articles and book reviews produced from a Christian Worldview perspective. As such, we welcome submissions from graduate students and scholars who write from traditional approaches to history that emphasize empirical evidence, balanced interpretation, and cogent narrative. Non-traditional submissions such as expositions on public history, curriculum design for history programs, oral history projects, and documentary films or collections will also be considered.

Center for Teaching Excellence Newsletter (Office of Institutional Effectiveness)

ISSN 1234-1234

Christian Perspectives in Education (School of Education)

Send out your light and your truth! Let them guide me. Psalm 43:3

Christian Perspectives in Education (CPE) is an online, peer-reviewed journal that focuses upon Christian perspectives in theory, research, and practices of education. ISSN: 2159-807X

Call for Papers:

CPE is published annually online.

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Christian Perspectives in Education is published by Liberty University's School of Education. All views and opinions expressed within the published articles are those of the author(s) and do not represent the views and/or opinions of Liberty University, the School of Education, the CPE journal, or the editors. Published articles and all information within the publications are solely the responsibility of the author of the article.

Eleutheria (School of Divinity)

Eleutheria: A Graduate Student Journal

ISSN 2159-8088

The Mission of Eleutheria:

To glorify God through the publication of excellent graduate student scholarship from an evangelical perspective in the areas of Theology and Philosophy, Scripture and Interpretation, and Church and Mission.

Eruditio Ardescens

The Journal of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

The mission of Eruditio Ardescens (Knowledge Aflame) is to serve Christ and His church by fostering and disseminating quality conservative-evangelical theological scholarship that addresses the Christian theological academy and the body of Christ through the vehicle of an online, peer-reviewed, and open access journal. The journal is a direct extension of the Liberty University School of Divinity’s mission to come alongside the local church and help it fulfill the great commission.

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Fidei et Veritatis: The Liberty University Journal of Graduate Research

Fidei et Veritatis is Liberty University's journal for graduate students in all areas of study. The basis of the journal is that it operates through the understanding that “all truth is God’s truth.” Each discipline has truth inherently ingrained in it because everything has God’s imprint on it. He has established unequivocal truths in order to sustain each discipline.

The title, Fidei et Veritatis, indicates our Graduate School’s search for truth about God and, as an academic community, look to expose and elaborate on the truths that we find in His Creation and all the various disciplines provided in and through it. The journal is a public forum where students can share their research in education, theology, philosophy, counseling, medicine, and many other disciplines. As such, Fidei et Veritatis exists to facilitate the public pursuit of the knowledge of God through rigorous research, critical thinking and professional writing.

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention is the newsletter of Liberty University’s Honors Program. It publishes announcements and information of importance and interest to Honors, articles about current and past Honors students, updates about the Quiz Bowl, conference presentations and awards, and other mentions worthy of our Brag Bag. The painting in the banner is a portion of Sermon of St Paul Amidst the Ruins (1744) by Giovanni Paolo Pannini, published at Wikimedia as “Public Domain.” The original is in The Hermitage in St. Petersburg. The articles are written by the Honors staff, the Honors editorial staff, current Honors students, and Honors alums; and approved by Editor-in-Chief .

Insights: The Liberty University Journal of Modern Languages

Insights: The Liberty University Journal of Modern Languages exists to foster and promote language study, mentoring, research, scholarship, and publication.

Journal for the Christian Pre-Law Society (Helms School of Government)

Published by the Helms School of Government at Liberty University

Volume I, Issue I: Bioethics and the Law

Ambiguous Terminology In Health Insurance Policies
by Robert Webster

On the Personhood of the Unborn
by Kara C Deal

The Facts of Human Cloning
by Aaron Finkhousen

A Duty to Die?: The Implications of a "Right to Die"
by Robert Webster

Answers in the Market: Incentive Solutions to the Organ Shortage
by Winston S. Leslie

The Neglect of the Supreme Court to Address Physician Assisted Suicide in Gonzales v. Oregon
by Michael H. Wendt

Informed Consent and Nonconsensual Postmortem Organ Retention
by Jesse M. Mitchell

Faculty Editor: Michelle Crawford Rickert

Student Editor in Chief: Aaron Finkhousen


Liberty University Law Review (Liberty University School of Law)

The Liberty University Law Review strives to cultivate a forum of intellectually rigorous thought and debate regarding contemporary legal issues, gleaning insight from the Western legal tradition and remaining faithful to the Christian worldview. Through its publication, the Law Review endeavors to further the mission of the Liberty University School of Law, as well as to bring honor to the God of all Truth. Soli Deo Gloria.

Montview Liberty University Journal of Undergraduate Research

The purpose of Montview: Liberty University Journal of Undergraduate Research is to showcase papers presented at the annual Liberty University Undergraduate Research Symposium. This Symposium is a multidisciplinary annual event designed to highlight excellent research and scholarship produced by Liberty University undergraduate students. To find out more about the Liberty University Undergraduate Research Symposium, please visit this page. If you are interested in submitting a paper to Montview, please see the policies page or contact Scholarly Communications.

Quaerens Deum: The Liberty Undergraduate Journal for Philosophy of Religion

Quaerens Deum is Liberty University's journal for undergraduate students in philosophy of religion. The title, Quaerens Deum, indicates our Philosophy Department’s search for truth about God as an academic community, and the journal is a public forum where students can share their research in philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, apologetics, and related disciplines. As such, Quaerens Deum exists to facilitate the public pursuit of the knowledge of God through rigorous philosophical thinking and writing. Although a natural fit for philosophy and religious studies majors, students from other disciplines are invited to submit their original work in these areas.

Strategic Informer: Student Publication of the Strategic Intelligence Society

Strategic Informer is the student publication of Liberty University’s Strategic Intelligence Society. The goal of the journal is to provide brief but detailed analyses of current issues pertaining to intelligence, law enforcement, national security, and international affairs. Articles published in Strategic Informer are written by Liberty University students and faculty.