These program notes originally accompanied the performance of a vocal piece, “A New Heaven and a New Earth” by English composer Alfred Robert Gaul. The notes provide a brief overview of the historical context of Gaul’s work as well as an examination of classification difficulties that arise when dealing with sacred works of the mid-to-late nineteenth century. They further detail the unique challenges that are inherent in presenting an underperformed musical work. As part of a performing arts research project, these program notes also address the methods of expression and creative process that went into preparing the performance of this vocal selection. The objectives of this research project were to 1) give performers guidance in the performance process for underperformed works, and 2) to provide a concise musicological background of Alfred Gaul’s sacred work, The Holy City. This research project utilized a variety of research techniques to achieve the above objectives, including experience and historical-based research methods drawn from the field of artistic practice.

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Creative Arts



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