Much of the modern church knows the Father and the Son very well as part of its common worship, practice, and conversation. However, the Holy Spirit is given little more than recognition in many circles. He is referenced, talked about, and mentioned in songs and sermons, but there is often a resistance to letting Him lead the believer and the church. It is vital that the church opens its eyes to the indwelling, personal, and powerful Spirit which the Lord has sent to them. Through a study of the role of the Holy Spirit within the Scriptures, as well as a substantial consideration of the views of the Early Church Fathers, this paper seeks to kindle a renewed appreciation for, and a reliance upon the third person of the Trinity. The overarching theme revealed through this research is the marvelous reality that the God of the universe resides within the believer. The final section delves into this reality in search of the process that results in learning to truly walk with the Holy Spirit.


Jimmie Evans is a pastor, helicopter pilot, graduate and current student of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently serving his eighth year as senior pastor at Pine Hill Baptist Church in Louisiana. During this time, he earned a B.A. in Religion from Liberty University and a MATS with a cognate in Theology from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition to his regular duties as pastor, he also instructs four future pastors in a ministry training program he designed and implemented at his church. He has been married to Stephanie, his lovely wife, for the past eighteen years, and they are expecting their fourth child in January 2016.

Jimmie H. Evans III