Fidei et Veritatis Journal Submission Guide

Submission Guidelines

An abstract must be submitted. Please read the instructions for writing an “Abstract” by clicking this link. This is a requirement for all journal submissions, and it will be the first element of your article that people will see when they click on the volume link. 

Papers will be reviewed using these two rubrics:

All papers should include the following:

  • No less than 12 pages. Title page, abstract, endnotes, and/or references/bibliography are not included in the page amount.
  • Times New Roman font
  • Font size 12

Must follow the writing style and citation format/rules of your respective discipline:

  • The paper properly uses current APA, MLA, AMA or Turabian format.
  • The paper reflects a graduate level of vocabulary, grammar and syntax.
  • The paper is without spelling and grammatical errors.
  • American punctuation is required.
  • Must include scholarly and authoritative sources

If you would like to meet with a graduate writing coach before submitting your article to the journal, you may make an appointment with the Residential Writing Center. Writing Center coaches are trained to assist with all four citation styles (APA, MLA, AMA, and Turabian) and all aspects of the writing process (e.g., content, organization, formatting, editing). When making an appointment, please clarify that your paper is for Fidei et Veritatis.

Acceptable sources

    • Academic sources that have been “peer-reviewed”; before they were accepted for publication, they were read by experts on their subject, checked for accuracy, and went through a series of editing processes to ensure accuracy, coherency, and rigor.
    • Academic sources that have been “refereed,” meaning that other scholars wrote reviews on them.
    • Most articles and books that have been published by university presses.
    • Sources deemed reliable and appropriate.

We will NOT consider publishing

    • Papers that are biographies of famous persons.
    • Plot summaries.
    • Reviews of works.
    • Bibliographical essays or summaries of other criticism or other published work unless they are integral to a discussion and are brief.
    • Statements that are not supported by argumentation.
    • Papers without a controlling thesis or without a thesis that is analytical and insightful.
    • Poorly written papers.
    • Multiple grammatical, mechanical, and typing errors.
    • Plagiarized papers.
    • Description of creative projects like a student’s art show, magazine, musical production, etc.
    • Anything offensive or profane.

Additional Requirements

  • All articles must follow the outline format of this template.
  • All articles should be attached as Microsoft Word, RTF, or editable PDF files.
  • Any graphics must be scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi, saved as JPEG or Tiff.
  • Christian Integration (Optional) – If the student would like to submit a Christian Integration section in their article, they must add it as a heading.
    • The paper will need to include no less than TWO pages (single-spaced) for the reflection section. Please consider any of the directives or questions below when writing this section.
      • The connection between the problem and faith is illustrated and delineated.
      • Explain how the conflict that arises from this issue poses significant problems.
      • How did this topic challenge your Christian faith? Please list specific examples.
      • How has this research contributed to the Christian faith?
      • Is this topic relevant to the church in any way? How so?