In America today, a major source of contention among theologians involves the Resurrection, a controversy that has ensued since historical times (1 Cor 15: 12-19 [KJV]). This essay will seek to develop a plausible response to the legend theory, a prevalent inconspicuous attack on the resurrection of Jesus and thus the foundation of Christianity, by addressing the question “Is Jesus like Santa Clause?” Thereby, providing evidence, which reveals the disingenuousness of the Jesus legend as portrayed in popular media by investigating the reality of the historical Jesus. In doing so, an examination of the miracle-claim will be presented through an a posteriori critique of the Resurrection. Pursuing to demonstrate credible witness to the resurrection of Jesus that supports the historicity of the miracle-claim and thus invalidates the legend theory and provide an appropriate response to the facade that Jesus is like Santa Clause as portrayed in popular media.


Emma L. Louie is currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree in Theological Studies from Liberty Theological Seminary. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of West Alabama, a Masters of Arts degree from the University of Alabama, an Education Specialist degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a Doctorate of Education degree, from Samford University. Emma began her career as a science teacher, held numerous administrative positions and spent the past four years as a school superintendent from which she just recently retired to work in ministry full-time. She has held various roles in local churches; guided youth leadership programs, devotional leader, taught Vacation Bible School, served on Christian Education Boards, conducted professional development and conducted small group ministry. Currently she is developing an online ministry entitled Today’s Footsteps. She believes that Today’s Footsteps is a divinely given vision to inspire, engage and support others, especially the millennial generation, in discipleship and Christian living. Using a web-based format, to teach and reflect on biblical topics and current events, as well as, aspiring to writing fiction and nonfiction books and developing Christian resources for teenagers and young adults. She is passionate about telling young people that they can succeed in spite of… instead of failing... because of… Even when the odds seem stacked against them… by calling on Jesus. She is thankful for the opportunity to proclaim that Jesus Christ is relevant for living a purposeful and victorious life, to technology savvy, online, fast-pace, socially diverse and globally connected generation through Today’s Footsteps Ministries. The eldest of three siblings, raised by a single mom, she was labeled a socio-economically disadvantage youth. Emma could easily have given up. However, God’s grace allowed her to overcome many obstacles. Becoming the superintendent of the same school system, where she spent many years eating free lunches is just one of her many powerful testimonies that she shares with young people as she tells her personal story at conferences and workshops. She has been married to Tommy for 22 years. Amongst studying, writing, drawing and blogging…. Emma makes time to care for her elderly mother, offer advice to her two millennial daughters, and walk her little dog twice a day.

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