One of the most controversial topics in the criminal justice industry is the "insanity defense" and its applicability or validity in prosecuting criminal cases. The purpose of this assignment is to identify and discuss psychopathology and crime causation in terms of mental illness, research, and the insanity defense. For this evaluation, information was gathered from scholarly research, textbooks, dictionaries, and published literature. These sources were then carefully reviewed and applied to the evaluation in a concise, yet informative, manner. This assignment also addresses some of the key terms in psychopathology and crime causation, including various theories, definitions, and less commonly known relevant factors influencing claims of mental instability or insanity. The conclusion of this evaluation shows that mental illness is a very real issue facing society and the criminal justice system. This evaluation is not exhaustive and while it does provide insight into the factors of psychopathology and crime causation, the evaluation could benefit from the input of professionals currently working within the criminal justice industry.


Meagan Cline is a professional writer specializing in criminal justice and legal topics. She has obtained two degrees from Liberty University, and is currently pursuing a third. Upon graduation, she plans to continue writing and begin working toward a career in victim advocacy.

Meagan Cline