Editor-in-Chief: Aaron Malbuff, M. Div, Liberty University

Fidei et Veritatis is Liberty University's journal for graduate students in all areas of study. The basis of the journal is that it operates through the understanding that “all truth is God’s truth.” Each discipline has truth inherently ingrained in it because everything has God’s imprint on it. He has established unequivocal truths in order to sustain each discipline.

The title, Fidei et Veritatis, indicates our Graduate School’s search for truth about God and, as an academic community, look to expose and elaborate on the truths that we find in His Creation and all the various disciplines provided in and through it. The journal is a public forum where students can share their research in education, theology, philosophy, counseling, medicine, and many other disciplines. As such, Fidei et Veritatis exists to facilitate the public pursuit of the knowledge of God through rigorous research, critical thinking and professional writing.

Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1 (2018)



Orotic Aciduria
Aliah L. Fonteh