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Timothy Keller's 2023 passing serves as an occasion to consider his ministry legacy. His magnum opus, Center Church, encapsulated his philosophy of contextualization. This philosophy was rooted in a robust theology that informed and balanced missions, evangelism, and church planting. Keller's passion for city missions defied current ministry trends that favored suburbia and avoided urban contexts. His ministry conviction overcame cultural opposition and ministry bias and grew a thriving ministry in an unlikely ministry setting. Keller’s ministry captured the imagination of rising generations of pastors, missionaries, and ministry practitioners and provided the needed theological framework and training for successful urban ministry. He started and led Redeemer Presbyterian Church to become an influential mega-church, and his ministry inspired hundreds of new churches within American urban contexts. Keller's championing of city missions overcame cultural obstacles, reduced the fear of cities, and inspired Christians to restore cities to God’s intended design.



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