Submission Guidelines

All papers are to be:

  • Groundbreaking. (Is this cutting edge research?)
  • Relevant. (Does it fall within the scope and scale of the journal?)
  • Timely. (Is the topic significant today?)
  • Unique. (Is the topic novel?)
  • Deep. (Does the paper explore the topic thoroughly?)
  • Consistent. (Does the paper reference the same terms throughout?)

Each submission should be between 4000-8000 words, not including footnotes or bibliography, and are to follow Turabian Style formatting as found in A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Seventh Edition: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers.

For technical matters concerning abbreviations or titles of ancient texts, please consult The SBL Handbook of Style. When referencing a text, abbreviated titles are to be preferred. Greek text should be formatted in one of the following fonts: Galatia SIL, SBL Greek, or SPIonic. Hebrew text should be formatted in one of the following fonts: Hebrew SIL, SBL Hebrew, SPTiberia. All Greek text must be accented, and all Hebrew text should include vowel pointing. Transliteration may be used and should follow The SBL Handbook of Style, though original language fonts are preferred.

All submissions are to be in Microsoft Word format and should include the following:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Current institution
  • Degree (current or most recently completed)
  • Title
  • Abstract (100-500 words)
  • Keywords

Book Review Submission Guidelines

Each book review should include bibliographic information, length of book, and retail price. The review should include a critique of arguments, presuppositions, conclusions and a brief summary. If quoting a passage of the book, include the page number. At the bottom of the review include name, city, institution, and email address of reviewer. The length of reviews should be between 800-1600 words and emailed as a Word document to .