Areas of Specialization

Philosophy and Theology

The area of Theology and Philosophy will foster dialogue and discussion pertaining to those critical and crucial areas of theology, philosophy, and apologetics as found in connection to the Christian world and life view.

The area of Theology and Philosophy will include the following categories:

  1. Systematic Theology (Prolegomenon, Theology Proper, Bibliology, Christology, Pneumatology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, Angelology, Harmartiology, Eschatology)
  2. Contemporary Christian Thought
  3. Philosophical Theology
  4. Historical Theology (Patristic, Medieval, Reformational)
  5. Biblical Theology
  6. General Philosophy*
  7. Philosophy of Religion*
  8. Metaphysics*
  9. Epistemology*
  10. Ethics*
  11. Aesthetics*
  12. Faith and Reason
  13. Christian Worldview
  14. Polemics (Cults, World Religions, Worldviews)
  15. Apologetics (Methodology, Miracles, Resurrection, Arguments for the Existence of God, Human Predicament)

*Submissions within the various areas of philosophy should interact with Christian thought. For more information, please contact an editor

Scripture and Interpretation

The Scripture and Interpretation area will seek to foster critical interactions with the texts of the Old and New Testaments, as well as any non-canonical materials that may further illuminate or illustrate one’s understanding of the canonical texts. Manuscripts may employ exegetical, historical, literary, thematic, theological, or other approaches to the texts.

The area of Scripture and Interpretation will include the following categories:

  1. Old Testament Interpretation
  2. Old Testament Backgrounds and Intertextuality
  3. New Testament Interpretation
  4. New Testament Backgrounds and Intertextuality
  5. Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament
  6. Intertestamental Literature
  7. Interpretive Methodology
  8. Linguistics, Translation and Textual Criticism
  9. Historical Jesus
  10. Archaeology and the Bible

For more information, please contact an editor

Church and Mission

The church and mission area will facilitate a critical and creative engagement between theology and practice in the church. It will explore biblical and theological issues regarding the church and how the people of God participate in God’s mission in the world.

The area of Church and Mission will include the following categories:

  1. Ecclesiology
  2. Missiology
  3. Application of theology to practice in the local church
  4. Biblical and theological evaluation of trends within local church and ministry
  5. Implication of church history for present and future church
  6. Resources and trends in the discipline and ministry of evangelism, and the fostering of scholarly research in evangelism and related concerns
  7. Theory and practice of discipleship and spiritual formation within the local church

For more information, please contact an editor