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Ethics/Proverbs/Biblical Theology



This study argues for a biblical-theological approach to the ethics of Proverbs. It proposes that the ethical foundation for Proverbs lies in the principles established in Genesis 1-4 The argument unfolds as follows: Tracing the Abrahamic and Davidic covenants, one sees Solomon, the author of Proverbs, as a partial fulfillment of the promised seed in Genesis 3:15. Furthermore, other biblical writers depict Solomon as an Adamic king ruling in an Eden-like context. Consequently, understanding Proverbs' position within redemptive history encourages readers to interpret it through an Edenic framework. In other words, a biblical-theological approach compels readers to interpret Proverbs in light of Genesis' early chapters. This perspective equips readers with the key to consider applying Edenic principles within the book's ethical teachings. Readers then discover that Proverbs emphasizes and elaborates on Edenic principles related to work, marriage, loving one's neighbor, and progeny



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