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Messianic Prophecy, Old Testament, Book of Obadiah, Biblical Interpretation, Hermeneutics, Eschatology, Ecclesiology, Christocentrism


This study analyzes a messianic approach of interpretation in Obadiah, the shortest book of the Old Testament. Understanding such a hermeneutic could prove useful for understanding messianic concepts throughout the canon. While Obadiah offers hope for God's remnant, the book also presents significant interpretive challenges. Despite these difficulties, key themes emerge, including the importance of God's faithful ones, the animosity between Israel and Edom, and the promise of ultimate divine judgment. Building on the established link between Obadiah and other Bible texts, this paper presents a book introduction, arguments and rationale for the messianic interpretation, and a brief application of this paradigm to the text. The analysis utilizes Scripture, scholarly sources, and the lens of messianic hermeneutics.



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