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Matthew, Matthean, Nazarene, Matt. 2:23, Intertextuality, Galilee, School of Saint Matthew, Use of the Old Testament


This paper will seek to interpret one of the most problematic passages in intertextual studies. Matthew 2:23 does not have a clear Old Testament referent, and this presents a problem. How can an unknown prophecy be fulfilled; where is the text cited to be found? However, by keeping the original in mind during interpretation, it seems that Matthew was intentionally creating a hermeneutic of suspicion creating a deliberate rhetorical effect. This paper will seek to determine how Matthew artistically arranged and derived the significance of the Old Testament for his contemporary readership in light of the Christ event. It will be argued that the unknown citation of Matthew 2:19-23 can be found in the next identical citation formula resolving the suspense created by the allusion citation of Matthew 2:23 highlighting the narrative material between the two passages as a sort of inclusio.

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