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Discipleship, Generation Z, post-modern, post-Christian, worldview, skepticism, post-Covid, behavior modeling, servant leadership, Church, and mission.


Born between 1995 – 2012, America’s young and emerging adults are known as “Generation Z.” As with nearly everything they are involved in, a shorter version of that label is available as simply Gen Z, or Gen Z’ers. Generally speaking, Gen Z’ers were raised by Millennials but have had life and social interactions going as far back as the Baby Boomer Generation (those born near the end of World War II and into the mid-sixties). In “Know. Be. Live.,” the combination of what has been handed down to them by previous generations, and the current state of cultural, political, and world affairs are examined. These factors have left the Church very low on the list of priorities for this generation. On top of those factors, Gen Z had a pause, shutdown, lockdown, and reset of their adolescence in a way not seen in a century. Efforts to evangelize to this audience were already fledgling. Doing so in the wake of Covid-19 has added an additional layer of difficulty. The ball is now in the hands of the Church. Boomers, Gen X, and Millennial Christians must answer the call and properly inform and motivate millions of young people desperately wanting to positively impact their own culture and the world.



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