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apologetics, biblical theology, theology, application, metanarrative, scripture


Many Christians are skeptical regarding the practical relevance of theology for the common believer. Exploring how the subdiscipline of biblical theology can be applied can effectively dispel this misconception. In particular, the apologetic applications of biblical theology’s primary deliverances underscore the relevance theology has to the average Christian. Given the growing need for effective Christian apologetics, it would be wise for the Church to further explore biblical theology and to incorporate it into the defense of Christianity. Existing scholarship has largely overlooked biblical theology’s apologetic potential. Thus, there is a need to explore this relationship for the benefit of the Church’s global witness. Biblical theology’s two primary deliverances, a proper understanding of Scripture’s metanarrative and a framework for properly applying Scripture, have apologetic applications and implications that are important for the average Christian. Although there are many possible approaches to apologetics, the utilization of biblical theology remains an overlooked method with significant potential.



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