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approbation, sacrifice, obedience, abandon, example, application


In December 1912, William Borden embarked on a journey halfway around the world to become a missionary to Chinese Muslims. Just four months later, Borden contracted meningitis, which took his life. He was never to serve as a missionary. American newspapers picked up the story, as Borden was the heir to the Borden family fortune. The outcry by some was, "What a waste!" People lamented that a man who had so much to live for had wasted his life by giving it to God and dying before he had a chance to fulfill his calling or collect his fortune. William Borden addressed these cries before his death. In his journal, he wrote these words, "No reserve, no retreat, no regrets."

A life lived for the glory of God can make this same claim of no reserve, no retreat, and no regrets. Christ demonstrated approbation during His time on earth among those He encountered. He gave approbation to those who lived with no reserve, no retreat, and no regrets. Christ approved those who sacrificed extravagantly, abandoned fully, and obeyed completely. Jesus Himself earned the approbation of God by displaying these same qualities of sacrifice, abandon, and obedience through His life and death. An understanding of the approbation of Christ during His time on earth will not only show the people and actions that merited His approval but will also lay the foundation of what Jesus Himself did to gain the approbation of His Father.



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