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Creation, Imago dei, divine name, image, Psalm, Psalm 8, creation psalm, hymn


Psalm 8 serves as the first creation hymn of the Psalter, and as such is worthy of an exegetical and theological analysis. This analysis will begin with an exegesis of the text, since exegesis rightfully precedes theologizing.[1] The exegesis will include a translation, examination of the historical and literary contexts, the genre classification, structure, and discussion of the literary features with special attention given to parallelism and conclude with a brief exposition. After the requisite exegetical analysis has been completed, a theological synthesis will be commenced progressing from the psalms location in its microstructural setting to its use in the New Testament before giving some concluding remarks about systematic usefulness. It is the goal of this examination to invoke praise from the reader so that they too might join in worship of the Creator יהוה for His special relationship with His vice-regent– mankind.

[1] Ken Gardoski. “Steps to Doing Theology.” Clarks Summit, PA: Unpublished Class Notes from Doctoral Seminar TH1: Seminar in Theological Methods at Baptist Bible Seminary, Fall, 2020.



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