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Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) is a big religious organization that began in the Philippines and is spreading across the globe. INC teaches that Jesus Christ, as the Son of God is a very special man only and not God. They claim this by using their interpretation of biblical passages, such as John 8:40, Luke 24:38-39, and 1 Timothy 2:5. Contrary to the Scriptures and Christian traditions, they believe that the only true God is God the Father, who is the only Creator of the universe. However, the Scriptures (especially the New Testament) and Christian traditions demonstrate that Jesus is God-Man. He is fully human and also fully God. Since Jesus is God, He is also the Creator of the universe. After considering the proper exegesis of biblical passages that convey the deity of Jesus Christ, such as John 1:1–5, 10–18; Philippians 2:6–11; and Hebrews 1:1–12, these biblical passages demonstrate that Jesus Christ is fully God and not just fully human.



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