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John, Christology, Biblical Studies, Typology


At the beginning of John’s gospel, a rich theology of Christ’s person unfolds through multiple professions of newly called disciples. In order to understand the person of Christ, the various titles associated with his name should be analyzed in their historical and theological contexts. Full of Jesus’ titles, John 1 is an intersection of history, title-giving, and theology, rich with the meanings of Jesus’ titles; furthermore, John 1 is written with historical accuracy and with impactful theology for the Church. It orients the trajectory for the following chapters and gives a foundation for Christology. Cumulatively, the names of Jesus in John 1 build a base for Christology by historically pointing back to Old Testament prophecies and by theologically declaring the pivotal role of Jesus Christ. Accordingly, this essay outlines each of Jesus’ titles in John 1 and argues that, as a whole, these declarations of who Jesus is provide a foundation for Christology.



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