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John Sailhamer, John Walton, Gen. 1:1, Creation, Historical Creationism, Functional Creation, reshit, bara


Much ink has been spilled over the interpretation of Gen. 1:1, particularly in modern times. While these interpretations are diverse, two authors that deviate away from most identifiable norms are John Sailhamer and John Walton. Sailhamer thinks Gen 1:1 is a literal event that took place over an indeterminate block of time preceding the rest of creation. Walton, on the other hand, questions the presupposition of material ontology present in many contemporary accounts of creation, arguing instead that God’s creating should be understood as assigning function. This essay will seek to compare both scholars’ views, summarizing them, finding possible convergences, and areas of divergence. Having established these positions, it will be argued that Sailhamer has the stronger case to make.



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