School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Thomas A. Seel


lifestyle worship, worship, leadership, management, team building, leadership qualities




This qualitative study will examine how lifestyle worship develops the qualities of effective leadership in sacred and secular leaders. The study will use descriptive research regarding leaders from the sacred and secular fields. This study will prove the benefit of the approach of developing leaders through the lifestyle worship model to be impactful in both. The study shows there are common themes and qualities of leaders in different levels of leadership and varying years of leadership. Although there are separate studies on the qualities of effective leadership in both the sacred and secular worlds, there is currently little to no research approach solely from the philosophy of lifestyle worship and training leaders in that aspect. This research finds the themes of servant leadership, confidence, compassion, and empathy as recurring traits of lifestyle worship leaders. These qualities were among a list of many others. However, these were notated as the top traits in both areas. It was also proven when the leaders held these qualities under lifestyle worship; it also influenced those who were under their leadership with the same characteristics. When approached through lifestyle worship, leadership’s impact and influence have proven to be cross-generational, ethnic, and racial, and have the ability to cross cultural barriers.

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