Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Dennis McDonald


Leadership, Discipleship


Leadership Studies


This thesis project aims to address the lack of involvement of church members in leadership at Open Door Evangelical Church. With the implementation of a discipleship strategy that will coach those not involved, they will become true disciples of Christ and serve in the church with any ability they have received from the Lord. The researcher will use three different methods for data gathering, including surveys, focus groups, and interviews. Every Member of the church will participate in the survey phase of the project. Still, the bulk of the study consisting of focus groups and interviews will focus on members who do not have any form of involvement and, in some measure, have not manifested any interest in serving, whatever the reason may be. There is a need for change in the way members at Open Door perceived being a Christian disconnected from being a disciple. That way of thinking leads them to not serve in the church and leave the responsibility to a few people. The necessary change was implemented by instilling a leadership development process that successfully acquired new leaders and encouraged current trained leaders to host connection groups that were either core groups or groups of their interest. The strategy was implemented and fostered an environment where members learned to be a disciple and grow in Christ through training and coaching. Uninvolved members were serving and expanding the church's leadership. Churches facing similar situations can benefit from using this strategy.