Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Amy Puderbaugh


Employee Perceptions, Leadership, Commitment, Motivation, Integrity, Government


Business | Human Resources Management


This study focuses on employee perceptions of leadership honesty and integrity within the National Park Service in response to the 2018 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey results. Answers to two questions on the survey returned highly negative reactions to employee perspectives on senior leaders’ honesty and integrity and low measures of employee motivation and commitment levels. The qualitative nature of the research presents a case study design that develops an understanding of negative employee perceptions of honesty and integrity within leadership and employee commitment and motivation. It addresses the general problem of negative employee perceptions of leadership honesty and integrity and the resulting low levels of motivation and commitment within the workforce. The research seeks to question the reasoning behind National Park Service employees' high negative response to the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey on opinions of senior leaders’ ability to maintain honesty and integrity, how these perceptions affect commitment, and how perceptions impact employee motivation. Individual interviews and a focus group session asked semi-structured questions to target specific variables of the study and explore further into participant responses. Data coding occurred during the collection process. A review of the existing literature establishes the influence of leadership practices on the variables of employee behaviors, organizational culture, employee motivation, and employee commitment. The findings of the study support the relationship between the variables. The study reports on the value of these variables regarding senior leadership positions to develop recommendations for further action on filling vacant positions, creating a communication plan, and establishing accountability.