Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Kenneth G. Warren


Black Male, Ministry Leadership, Decline of Ministry Participation, Church Attendance


Christianity | Counseling | Religion


This DMin thesis project sought to address the decline of male participation in ministry leadership at the Worthington Missionary Baptist Church (WMBC) in Houston, Texas. Not only are males absent from many church congregations, but those that do attend church services tend to be seemingly content with the female populace leading an abundance of church ministries. This research study accessed rationales prompting male withdrawal and then ascertained how to restore balance to the initial design of God at WMBC. Assessment tools of questionnaires, surveys, and one-on-one interviews were utilized to gain insights from 10 WMBC males between the ages of twenty-one and sixty-five. Participant responses and feedback were used to develop a contextual training paradigm aimed at the education of these males on the roles and responsibilities of the man as orchestrated by God. A weekend workshop/seminar served as a baseline for comparative analysis. The mindset and actions of men at WMBC (concerning leadership roles and responsibilities) before the workshop were compared to the mindset and activities after the workshop to determine the efficacy of the training program.