Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Garcia Mario


Holy Leadership, Spirit-filled, Holy Spirit, Prayer, Bible-reading, Spiritual Leadership, Spirit-filled Leadership, Secular Leadership, Worldly Leadership


Christianity | Leadership Studies | Religion


The purpose of the research is to remove worldly leadership from, Abundant Life Community Christian Church (ALCCC), and to replace it with a biblical leadership model. Biblical leadership is spiritual and holy. Biblical leadership is predicated upon Jesus Christ's leadership example and teachings. The first-century Apostles’ leadership modeled the words and works of Jesus Christ. The problem of secular leadership at ALCCC is the cause of stagnation and declination of the church. Worldly leadership at ALCCC is the root cause of inefficiency, ineffectiveness, in-house fighting, strife, division, rivalry, preeminence, predominance, lack of humility, outreach neglect, evangelism neglect, and unproductivity. The problem this research will answer and solve is rivalry amongst the leaders at ALCCC. At the present moment, ALCCC does not have a clearly defined biblical leadership model to follow. The solution to secular leadership in the church is biblical leadership, as taught by Jesus Christ and honored by the Apostles. This research will seek to fix in-house rivalry, fix lack of organized community outreach, fix lack of organized evangelism, and to reestablish the Great Commandment and the Great Commission as the core value of ALCCC and unto its leadership. The acts of the Holy Spirit are essential to holy leadership. A love for Jesus Christ, first-century Apostle’s leadership example in the book of Acts, a hatred of sin, a desire for holiness, a devotion to prayer, a devotion to the Word of God, a commitment to the church: worship, fellowship, discipleship, and evangelism (witnessing), identifies holy leadership.