Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Melanie A. Hicks


State Appropriations, Allocation Ratios, Financial Condition, Public Higher Education, Higher Education, State System


Business | Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Other Business


The higher education industry has faced increased competition in recent years from new institutions and learning platforms entering the marketplace. Public higher education institutions, in particular, have been forced to develop strategic plans due to limited state funding in recent years. These colleges and universities face the challenge of allocating their limited financial resources in a manner that will optimize financial strength and ensure long-term sustainability. Institutions classify their operating expenses into several different functional expense categories, including instruction, academic support, student services and operations and maintenance of plant. This paper analyzed the relationship between changes in state appropriations, allocation ratios of functional expenses, and an institution’s financial condition. Bivariate and multiple regression analysis was performed to determine how fluctuations in state appropriations and financial allocation ratios impact an institution’s financial condition. The research could aide higher education institutions in strategically allocating resources to improve their financial position. God has called us all to live in community and flourish. Higher education institutions promote community among students, faculty, and staff as well as provide knowledge and skills for individuals to flourish upon graduation.