Article Submissions

Topics for submissions: Christian Perspectives in Education publishes manuscripts concerned with research, theory, or practice related to teaching, learning, and administration in primary, secondary, and post-secondary education. Manuscripts may be interdisciplinary and interdenominational. Manuscripts appropriate for publication apply and integrate the Christian perspective. Views expressed in CPE are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the editors or the institution.

Submission deadlines: CPE is published annually, under the leadership of the School of Education at Liberty University. Submission deadline is September 1.

Style: The content, organization, and style of manuscripts conform to standards of the current Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Manuscript format: Articles submitted to CPE must conform to the following guidelines to be considered for publication:

  • Abstract: The abstract should be 50-75 words in length. The abstract should be factual in nature and include both the purpose and the major conclusions of the article. Generally, references should not be included in the abstract.
  • Word Count: Manuscripts should be between 10 and 25 pages in length, including all references, tables, charts, etc. Manuscripts are to be double-spaced and have 1" margins on all sides. Manuscripts should not include page numbers; the electronic submission system will automatically generate the page numbers.
  • Blind review: Manuscript should be prepared for blind review. Since this journal uses a double blind review process, ensure that you remove all identifying information from the submitted manuscript. Ensure that authors' name(s) do not appear in the text or in the reference list. Additionally, omit references to specific institutions. A cover page should not be included; it will be generated automatically from the information you enter in Scholars Crossing.
  • Style: The content, organization, and style of manuscripts conform to standards of the current Manual of the American Psychological Association. 12-point Times New Roman Font should be used. Please note that long quotes (over 200 words) require written permission from the copyright holder before it can be republished. The author is responsible to secure the permission. Generally, it is advised to avoid long quotes.
  • Tables, Figures, etc. Graphics and tables should be embedded in the manuscript. Lower quality graphics may be acceptable for review purposes; however, you must submit high quality graphics for publication purposes. In tables, do not use font size smaller than 10-point.
  • Original work: Please only submit original works that are not being considered for publication in other periodicals, in press, or previously published.
  • File format: Manuscripts need to be submitted in Microsoft Word 2003 or Rich Text Format (RTF). Please ensure that the "track changes" feature is not on.

Submissions that do not follow these procedures will not be considered for publication.

Cover letter: A cover letter should accompany all submissions. The cover letter should contain at minimum the following: (a) the title of the manuscript, (b) the purpose of the manuscript, (c) how the manuscript aligns with the aim and scope of CPE, and (d) the type of manuscript (e.g. quantitative research, qualitative research, theoretical paper, position paper, literature review, best practices, book review, etc.). If the manuscript contains research, please include a statement about the human subjects review guidelines followed.

Submission procedures: Authors are requested to submit their manuscripts electronically via Scholars Crossing. Authors will need to create a Scholars Crossing account prior to submission and, then, use the site to guide them through a step by step submission process.

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Review process: Review of manuscripts is conducted impartially through blind process by members of the Editorial Review Board. Accepted manuscripts may require revisions prior to publication. Only completed manuscripts will be reviewed. Manuscripts must be original works, which have not been published elsewhere or submitted simultaneously to other journal(s) for publication. Please see the Peer Review page for additional information and copies of review forms used in the review process.

Publication rights: After publication by CPE, authors may reprint their own articles without change in other publications subject to giving proper credit in the subsequent publication to its original publication by CPE.