About This Journal

About CPE

Christian Perspectives in Education (CPE) is an online, peer-reviewed journal. It specifically focuses upon Christian perspectives in theory, research, and practices of education. The journal has a multi-level and interdisciplinary focus, inviting contributions from primary, secondary, and higher education educators and researchers from various academic disciplines including but not limited to education, communication, business, humanities, and psychology. The journal is intended to serve as a medium for educators and researchers to contribute research papers, theoretical papers, position papers, literature reviews, product and book reviews, best practices papers, and "how to" papers that integrate a Christian worldview.

CPE (a member of the Directory of Open Access Journals www.doaj.org ) is published annually, under the leadership of the School of Education at Liberty University.

    About the School of Education

    The School of Education at Liberty University is comprised of three departments: Teacher Education, Graduate Education, and Sport Management.

    About Liberty University

    Liberty University, in Lynchburg, Virginia, was originally formed under the auspices of Thomas Road Baptist Church.