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Scholarly Project


Nursing | Nursing Administration


As health management information system technology at the point of care increases to ensure greater efficiency, effectiveness and patient safety, the impact of such technology needed to be explored for impact on the nurse-patient dyad, and patient perception of the caring environment. This evidence-based practice pilot project based on the Iowa Model of Evidence- Based Practice to Promote Quality Care utilized quasi-experimental methodology to measure implication of mobile computer workstations at the point of care and sought to answer if an evidence-based practice change of ergonomic use surrounding technology improved patient perceptions of the caring environment. Significance of the pilot project was noted with an increased awareness of patient perceptions that may be applied to increase patient-centered care. Results indicated that ergonomic interventional use of mobile computer workstations did in fact improve patient perceptions of the caring environment.

Key words: caring, computers, patient perception, nursing care, caring environment