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Fall 10-18-2017

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Scholarly Project


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The project used teach-back methodology to provide an evidence-based approach to improve patient satisfaction scores in an urgent care clinic. The teaching plan should include evaluation of patient teaching to determine effectiveness and patient understanding per The Joint Commission (TJC) for Ambulatory Care Center standards. The project was developed to assist nurses (N=12) with an evidence-based method to improve patient understanding and provide an opportunity to ensure comprehension to increase patient satisfaction scores from a one or two to a level three at the end of 30 days following implementation of teach-back. The scores revealed an increase of patient satisfaction scores on the Bivarius Patient Survey System (BPSS) on one patient satisfaction score. The score regarding nurses providing an opportunity to evaluate patient understanding of instructions increased to a level three on the BPSS patient satisfaction survey system. The relevance of the study was to improve patient education and satisfaction scores for the patient. Future studies should include using teach-back methodology over a more extended timeframe for a longitudinal study to assess if teach-back methodology improves patient satisfaction scores.

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