Finding Hope




College of Arts and Sciences


Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing


Timothy Shea


military spouse, hope, loss, England, grief


English Language and Literature


Hope Diaz is a young military spouse who prefers baking to people. Her husband has just died while he was serving overseas. In her overwhelming grief, Daisy has to decide where she will live after her time in base housing runs out and what she will do to support herself. She finds solace in a local grief support group, but will her tenuous relationship with her mother comfort her through continuing loss? Hope accepts a job offer from an old baking instructor, but that means leaving behind her support system and places full of memories with her husband. Things don’t go smoothly for Hope, and she wonders if she has what it takes to make her way in a new world. Can she summon enough faith to push through her challenges and embrace her new life? This inspiring tale of one young woman’s courage in the face of grief transports the reader from Seattle to the English countryside as she discovers her namesake quality…hope.