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Sandra Smith


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Whether it was to clean the barracks or check for foreign objects on the flight line, “All-hand-on-deck!” applied to every breathing body on the ship or in the building; rank did not matter. The same concept should apply to all teachers with writing, elective teachers included. To increase literacy and writing in our schools, all-hands-on-deck is necessary. Professional development on how to insert writing can help. If our young scholars are to be effective communicators, literacy in the arts can help. Do not view writing as an enemy, additional content you must teach. Work it as a tool. This project, “ALL WRITE ALREADY! - Writing Across Curricula, an Instructional Tool in Theater and Dance, can be the toolbox for the job. All Write Already is designed to equip teachers with practical activities that strengthen literacy and boost our students’ confidence. Research cries out for creative change regarding literacy and the inclusion of writing. Increased literacy cannot get done without your hands. With grace and humility, “All write already!” Peruse for a tool that works, mesh it into your course curriculum, and encourage another to join the task.