Rawlings School of Divinity


Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics (MA)


John Knox


pornography, sex, addiction, recovery, apologetic, porn, sexuality, biblical sexuality, sexual ethics




Sexual ethics (in general) and pornography (in particular) are incredibly hot topics in postmodern culture. The biblical sexual ethic, which was once normative across much of the Global West since the rise and spread of Christianity, is now viewed as outdated and oppressive in a postmodern culture that values individual freedoms above all else. No longer are institutions seen as trustworthy bastions of truth to help shape individuals into good people or proper citizens of a nation. Expert opinions are no longer sought out and used to shape and form the individuals’ thoughts on a given topic unless they support what the individual already believes. The individual is the supreme authority and the freedom to make choices in pursuit of an individual’s inner desires are seen as the highest good. Sexuality is one arena where individual choice has become an ideological battle ground. Specifically, an individual’s sexual choices are seen as a source of identity, to be explored to the uttermost, rather than being the exclusive purview of married couples for the purpose of procreation, community, comfort, and mutual pleasure. This change in perspective since the 1940s has practically eliminated sexual taboos with the notable exception of pedophilia. One extension of the sexualization of culture is the growing prevalence and acceptability of pornography in society. The development of hyper stimulating internet pornography has led to a high level of compulsive use by a significant number of individuals that, in many cases, is a form of addiction. The following argument will seek to demonstrate that modern research into pornography addiction and addiction recovery; when compared to the biblical doctrines regarding sexual activity, sin, and redemption; provide a holistic apologetic for the reliability of biblical doctrine as a whole and the Gospel specifically.

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