School of Music


Master of Arts in Music and Worship (MA)


Jerry L. Newman


Wesley’s Theology and How His Approach Challenges Contemporary Christians




Although liturgical traditions were introduced during the Modernism Era, they continue to play an influential role in churches today. The worship and teaching practices applied in Roman Catholic Churches reflect how important traditional liturgy is in the Post-Modernism Era. While many catholic congregations are aware of the significance of liturgy, many Christian and Protestant Churches are not. There is missing knowledge regarding liturgical traditions in these churches. This study will propose liturgical worship in contemporary Christian and Protestant congregations as an alternative proposal from the perspective of John Wesley. This proposal will discuss the criteria of liturgical worship and analyze Wesley’s theology and how his approach challenges contemporary Christians, especially in terms of worship. Through a methodological approach of survey questions, this study will compare and contrast the responses of a group of choir members who are most familiar with contemporary worship styles before and after they take a 5-week course based on Christian liturgy. Although Wesley is not a modern figure, his voice on liturgical worship provides significant components and perspectives that contemporary Christian and Protestant Churches need to be exposed to. This proposal may suggest a way for modern Christian and Protestant members to gain a deeper understanding of the liturgical practices that influence their forms of worship today so that they may grow closer as a congregation and to God.

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