School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Keith Currie


National Core Arts Standards, music education, Iowa Test of Music Literacy, standards, music literacy


Education | Music | Music Education


Fine arts advocates have pushed for arts to remain a foundation of education for decades Arguments have been made and published that participating in music courses increased scores in other subjects. A change occurred in the realm of music education when assessment-based learning and standardized curricula were introduced. The National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) was assembled to revise standards for the arts and create a way to assess them. The NCCAS presented the National Core Arts Standards (NCAS) in 2014 which led to its adoption in most states. There are many schools, however, that do not adhere to the new standards. The proposed purpose of the experimental study in this thesis is to analyze the effectiveness of the National Core Arts Standards (NCAS), or adaptations, by administrating the Iowa Test of Music Literacy (ITML) to public high school music students. A statistical Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) will be conducted to provide comparable results between the different music standards used in two states. The mean results will allow for researchers to explore the differences in music achievement between the standards of the two states and analyze if a set standard should be used in every state school in the United States. The unit of analysis will comprise of approximately 50 students from two state public schools in the southern East Coast. Regression line charts will be employed to process and present the data collected during the testing. Using these results, a better understanding of the use of National Core Arts Standards (NCAS) in music will be presented along with revisions and suggestions for music standards.