School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Joshua Beal


artificial intelligence, ai, graphic design, creative, generative ai, design, technology, art, dall e, ai image


Art and Design


As technology advances, its integration with the graphic design field becomes increasingly prevalent. This can be seen especially in artificial intelligence programs and generative AI. With the rapid emergence of this technology, young graphic designers are left threatened by AI in relation to their graphic design careers. This occurs for several reasons such as lack of knowledge of AI and lack of training in usingvit. This paper aims to highlight the importance for these young designers to understand artificial intelligence through the examination of its practical application to the design field. In addition to this, the history of artificial intelligence will be discussed in detail through its current role in both society and the lives of graphic designers which highlights how it has already been affecting the lives of designers. The challenges of learning this technology can be daunting but through its application and continual effort from a designer to learn this technology, the tensions felt by the designer can be alleviated in order to showcase how artificial intelligence can benefit them in their careers. Case Studies showcasing the use of AI by designers are examined in this paper also demonstrate how using the AI has affected the attitudes of the designers toward a technology that is intimidating and new in a positive way.