School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Joseph Wright


food waste, sustainability, young adults, graphic design, art, food management, cooking skills, household food waste, consumers


Art and Design | Fine Arts


Consumers are the biggest contributors to food waste in the United States and in other developed countries, though most of them don’t realize it. American young adults living independently for the first time lack education on responsible food management in the areas of planning, preparation, and preservation. This lack of skills results in excessive waste of food, money, and energy, and leads to significant damage to the economy and the environment. Ample research exists identifying this issue and the changes that need to be made, yet effective visual solutions have not yet followed. Through a comprehensive topical survey, along with case studies and visual analyses, this thesis will synthesize the existing research and knowledge into effective visual solutions. These solutions focus on improving skills in the identified areas of food management as well as combatting apathy amongst the target audience. Simplicity, accessibility, and efficiency are primary objectives of these solutions, which span both print and digital mediums.