School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Joseph Cleveland Wright


biblical, literacy, millennials, christian, doctrine, mobile gaming, visual solution, design, user interface, user experience, graphic, game design


Art and Design


The modern Christian has more access to scripture today than in any previous generation. The Bible can be accessed through mobile apps, computers, and the internet as well as by printed copies ( Yet, biblical literacy is declining at an alarming rate, especially among the millennial generation (Fulks 9). This thesis will examine why biblical disengagement is occurring and what implications it has on the faith of Christian millennials. To better understand the impact on this generation, research was conducted through a series of research questions: 1. What defines a millennial Christian? 2. Why are they actively leaving the church? 3. Why are they disengaging from the Bible? 4. What cultural influences are impacting millennials in this? 5. How can we re-engage a digitally native generation into seeking biblical truth? Once the research was conducted, a literature review was completed with the addition of case studies and visual analyses. This collection of data informed a visual solution with the intent of increasing biblical engagement among millennials that would lead to stronger doctrine, an increase in evangelism, and stronger apologetics. The visual solution consisted of a mobile device game that would capture the interest of millennials, educate them about Biblical truths, and develop an online community of fellow believers that would result in a new form of discipleship.