School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Arts in Strategic Communication (MA)


Marie Mallory


cross-cultural experiences, intercultural communication, interpersonal communication




The purpose of the study “Cross-cultural Travel: A Study of How International Travel at a Young Age Impacts Communication Skills as an Adult'' was to gather the perception of the weight of impact that traveling to foreign countries throughout childhood carries upon the individual later in life. This qualitative research approach focused on individuals who have spent extended periods of time in foreign cultures around the globe and with the inhabitants thereof, and assessed through interviews how past intercultural experiences through childhood contribute to effective engagement and communication throughout adulthood. This research provides insight for the audience in terms of how cross-cultural immersion throughout childhood provides valuable tools and life skills, but also displays the benefits of spending time in foreign cultures, as individuals prove to walk away with an increased understanding of various global lifestyles, regarding cultural norms, intercultural communication, and an applicable sense of how to integrate gained skills daily. This topic provides value through its distinctive findings regarding how intercultural engagement is beneficial for the individual growth and development of human beings, specifically within the realm of communicative behaviors, norms, and practices.

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