American society is greatly polarized and divided on many issues, including issues relative to racial reconciliation. Attempts at progress in this area are impeded by the United States’s historical backdrop of slavery, the statesponsored oppression of Jim Crow laws, and personal racism, among other complications. Even the American church tolerated and justified these racial divides. Modern discussions are plagued by the widespread misuse of important terms as well as disagreements on what racial reconciliation looks like and how to achieve it. Starting from the belief that God has spoken authoritatively on all issues, this article attempts to provide a biblical framework for addressing issues of racial reconciliation from a Christian perspective. This begins with a biblical model of racial reconciliation, a biblical definition for racism, and the ideological foundation that only the Christian worldview provides. The rest of the framework discusses relevant principles of biblical justice that should govern issues of law and policy, including some discussion of the proper jurisdiction of the church and civil government. Accordingly, only through the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is there hope for true racial reconciliation.

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