What is the Profile of the Ideal Christian Coach?

Alan Dewitt Coker

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What Is The Profile of the Ideal Christian Coach? The question this writer would like to explore is: What is the profile of the ideal Christian Coach? Recently I sat down with Jonathan Reitz, CEO of CoachNet, one of the largest Christian coaching networking agencies in the world. Jonathan's question to me was can we come up with a profile of the ideal coach? The goal is to answer the question by using materials from evaluations and assessments provided by CoachNet. These have been agreed upon to be readily available for the purpose of this project. The research and statistical analysis provided should present a profile from a random choice of eighty coaches in the CoachNet network. From these reviews and initial profile assessments we are hoping to find some common traits that will allow for easier targeting of coaches that will be more successful in helping people move forward in the life God has created them for.