From the Editor

Welcome to Volume 1, Issue 2 of our graduate publication Bound Away: The Liberty Journal of History. The six articles in this issue range broadly in time and topic, but all are excellent examples of historians seeking to “do history” from a biblical worldview perspective. Of course, this does not mean that each article has a religious topic or thrust (clearly some do), but that each author seeks to employ Christian integrity, insight, and passion into respective areas of historical interest.

I am especially excited that for the first time, students from our on-line graduate history program (Jose Ongpauco, Claire Morgan, and Steven Pruitt) are publishing papers in Bound Away. Three of our residential graduate students (Christy Connell, Kevan Keane, and Kory Quirion) have produced papers for this issue as well. All of these fine articles first appeared as assignment papers in a Liberty University History graduate class (residential or on-line) and were then reviewed by the respective professors. They were subsequently referred to our editorial board for possible publication, and went through another series of edits and reviews. We believe these articles illustrate well our residential and on-line faculty members’ intentions to mentor student-scholars who seek to glorify God in their academic endeavors.