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Addiction treatment programs are a major part of the Drug Courts system as under this system, addiction treatment and rehabilitation are used in an attempt to address the root causes of crime with the intent to reducing recidivism rates. Trends in research are beginning to show that faith-based addiction treatment programs are more effective than comparable secular programs. However, there are constitutional issues that prevent these programs being awarded by the drug courts without a comparable, secular alternative. This essay reviews relevant research on the comparable efficacy of faith-based and secular addiction programs and the constitutional issues related to the implementation of faith-based programs in the United States. This is an area of research that is in its infancy and has suffered from biases and questionable methodologies. Therefore, further research with better methodology is needed. However, current research trends towards faith-based programs being, at least as effective, but more cost effective. In line with the Biblical Christian Worldview, with the importance of justice, mercy, and forgiveness towards all us sinners in this fallen world, the use of drug courts and their use of faith-based programs should be encouraged, whenever constitutionally possible, as recidivism is lower with these programs, these programs are more cost-effective, and drug use is usually a symptom of a greater emotional and spiritual problems, rather than solely an addiction.