Applicants interested in serving in Editorial Board positions will fill out the Editorial Board Application

Domestic Policy

Editor-in-Chief - Hayden O'Connor

Assistant Editor-in-Chief - Anne Melise Mullins

International Relations

Editor-in-Chief - Zach Cary

Assistant Editor-in-Chief - Matthew McCracken

National Security

Editor-in-Chief - Joshua Harden

Assistant Editor-in-Chief - Christian Butler

Political Philosophy

Editor-in-Chief - Bessie Blackburn

Assistant Editor-in-Chief - Jamison Finnamore

Communications Director

Rodney Ford

Director of Promotions

Gracelyn Hedrick

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Kahlib Fischer, Ph.D.

Dr. Mary Prentice, Ph.D.

Final Approver

Dr. Joel Cox Interim Dean

International Advisors

Daniel Fodorean, Ph.D., Romanian-European Advisor

Dr. Ish Dodoo, African Advisor

Journal Fellows

Catherine Latchford, Journal Founder Fellow

Shaddi Spencer, Journal Founder Fellow

Visiting Editors

Tyler Robert Tennies

Dr. David William Bolton

Student Editors

Delali Agbeshie, Riley Banker, Derartu Berrios, Jim Cantwell, Joseph Carl, Natalle Cawston, Jacob Chance, Peter Christofidese, Michael Consiglio, Givanni Damico, Giana DePaul, Kaitlyn Early, Jillian Fournier, Bridget Gallagher, Kerry Good, Maggie Hedrick, Chloe Hendrickson, Kaleb Horne, Jeb Hinkle, Janae Joachim, Samuel Jones, Ryan Mapes, Madison Martin, Alex Mishra, Megan Muldoon, Ashlyn Newcomer, Ikenna Nwobu, Joshua Prentice, Paul Prentice, Gabriel Reed, Ava Standish, Robert Tervillian, Nicole Wellington, Travis Younce, Brielle West