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The United States is a nation divided. The recent surge of illegal immigration into the United States has been the source of contention and debate among the American public. While some want to welcome all immigrants, others insist that immigrants enter the United States legally. With an emphasis placed on the accommodation and the placement of illegal immigrants, less attention has been paid to the United States’ need for immigration. This article asserts that while illegal immigration is a problem that must be addressed, more immigrants are needed. With sinking birth rates and an aging population, the United States needs more immigrants – now - to address its labor shortage and to sustain its economy. Rather than open borders or lax, unenforced immigration law, we call for a more robust immigration policy that streamlines guest worker visas. We argue that policy leaders should prioritize immigration policy reform with three specific goals in mind: 1) identifying legal ways to balance a declining labor pool with an enhanced through streamlined and more reasonable guest-worker policies; 2) protecting the rule of law by assuring compliance with immigration law, 3) simplify the naturalization process, making it more attainable to immigrants.