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Millions of people derive income from the sex industry in Thailand. Some claims estimate that the sex industry accounts for 10% of all tourist money spent in Thailand. All sex trafficked people are at high risk of both mistreatment and disease. While not all sex workers are victims of human trafficking, the sex industry is deeply involved in the practice. Sex trafficking is defined as deceiving, coercing or forcing someone to take part in sexual activity. Sex trafficking can take various forms, sometimes by the use of force but often by deception. As those commanded to "go and make disciples," the Church is called to reach victims and those trafficking them. Jesus came to set captives free, which includes rescuing those in the grip of human trafficking as well as seeing the guilty transformed. Redemption is possible because the power of Christ, which compels us to go into all the world, is the same power that can break the chains of bondage, heal the brokenhearted, and set the captives free. This article is a call to arms for every professing Christian; to pray intentionally, to support those who confront trafficking, and to be empowered in the fight against human trafficking to provide help and healing to those who are victims. While the insight in this article is gleaned from the authors' experiences living and working in Thailand, the goal is to layout universal principles for engaging the problem strategically in a comprehensive method within any context.