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Today in our nation, a steady rate of increased centralization has contributed to a society that seems fixated on the prospect of personal gain. This has had a direct adverse impact on our nation’s economic growth and efficiency, and has dampened our sense of duty as citizens who are gifted with a government administration that acknowledges constitutional rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The inefficient results of federal government’s political action highlight the ineffectiveness of current procedure. The question then arises, does the principle of subsidiarity when applied to government provide measurable gain for the parties involved? Subsidiarity is a Catholic principle which proclaims that any task that can be completed by a more decentralized organization or entity should be. This article proposes that the implementation of this Catholic tenet into our democratic republic would only be a boon for American society. The effectiveness of our government could, in time, reach an unprecedented high. This type of conduct would, in turn, decrease excess federal financial waste, improve bipartisanship relations, and restore a sense of unity in this nation by allowing communities to work together to ensure the best outcome without federal interference.