Publication Date

Fall 11-30-2009


School of Communication


TESL--Teacher Certification

Primary Subject Area

Education, Language and Literature


Second Language Acquisition, Prepositions, TESL, Education, Chomsky, Universal Grammar, Learning Transfer, Prepositional Models, Syntax


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Instructional Media Design | Other Education | Other English Language and Literature | Reading and Language


The acquisition of English prepositions is especially difficult for students learning English as a second language. This paper briefly discusses how prepositions are used in English and a few of the reasons prepositions cause problems for English language learners. It also analyzes the underlying system that governs prepositions and how this system might be represented to English language learners. Finally, it analyzes the current pedagogy and suggests a possible alternative to the status quo.

location_about.avi (21850 kB)
About - Spatial

location_around.avi (21850 kB)
Around - Spatial

location_at.avi (222 kB)
At - Spatial

location_for.avi (21850 kB)
For - Spatial

location_in.avi (222 kB)
In - Spatial

location_on.avi (222 kB)
On - Spatial

location_through.avi (10927 kB)
Through - Spatial

time_about.avi (21850 kB)
About - Temporal

time_around.avi (21850 kB)
Around - Temporal

time_at.avi (222 kB)
At - Temporal

time_for.avi (10927 kB)
For - Temporal

time_in.avi (10927 kB)
In - Temporal

time_on.avi (222 kB)
On - Temporal

time_through.avi (222 kB)
Through - Temporal