Publication Date

Spring 4-24-2019


School of Visual and Performing Arts


Studio and Digital Arts


children's book, illustration, children, media, book, moral development, biblical worldview, creative writing


Book and Paper | Fiction | Fine Arts | Illustration


Children are impressionable beings shaped by the changing world around them; this has become increasingly more true as the years progress and the impact and prevalence of media rises. Television shows, movies, music and books, no matter how insignificant they may seem, can play a tremendous part in the growth of children’s worldviews. It is important for authors and artists to delve deep into the impact of media on the growth and development of children in today’s media-rich world. In doing so, they should hope to find the best way to implement a Christian worldview into the media a child consumes. By exploring the world of Christianity in mainstream children’s media, and by writing and illustrating a children’s book with the information that they find, artists can have a greater impact than they think. While an illustrated children’s book may not seem like it would have a large impact on the worldviews of young children, each bit of a worldview a child views, sees, or hears is cemented in his or her mind, and can, over time, alter the way the child sees the world.